Eccentrade Labs is the collaborative R&D department of Eccentrade, a young Amsterdam based FinTech start-up. Eccentrade is curating and maintaining a growing database of 4 million companies with detailed financial and legal reports for each of them. It is actively expanding the scope of the reports, including sustainability and trade, to capture an accurate overview of each company in the country. Our final goal is to build an ICT infrastructure that is capable of driving a more sustainable economy: the Circular Economy. Eccentrade Labs is your entry point to join our dedicated and passionate team to reach this ambitious goal.

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You can join us by participating in our annual Hackathon, apply to our open vacancies or, if you are currently completing your studies, join our team as an intern and link your final research project to your work at Eccentrade.

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Circular Economy Hackathon

2 - 4 September 2016

The Hague